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Tombari Structural Products, Inc (TSP) is a Spokane Washington based, value added material supplier of structural steel products, specializing in Open Web Steel Joists and Metal Decking. Founded and incorporated in 1995 by Jerry and Cathy Tombari, the company has grown over the past 27 plus years into one of the largest Steel Joist and Metal Deck companies in the Western United States. Mike Tombari joined our company in 1999, and became an owner in 2015. Currently Mike Tombari is President, Jerry Tombari is Vice President, and Cathy Tombari is the Treasurer/Controller. We employ a large staff of in house detailers, in addition to contracting with several outside detailers as well. We also employ a full staff of estimators, project managers, and support staff to be able to perform the Project Coordination necessary to be the Premier joist and deck supplier in all of the states we sell into. The breadth of our product and design knowledge is unmatched vs our competition. 

 We started out selling our products in Eastern Washington, Northern Oregon, Northern Idaho and Western Montana. We have grown to sell our products into all of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Utah, Nevada and Texas. The projects that we supply materials to have grown from very small buildings up to and including high rises, schools of all sizes and types, and huge data warehouses. We have always had a Spokane Inventory of nearly all of the standard metal deck profiles, which allows us to be the “Go To” company for metal decking projects of all sizes.

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We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your open web steel joist and metal decking needs. Please call us at (509) 327 2780.


P.O. Box 9107, Spokane, Washington 99209